Why Is It Better to Go for Measurement than Give a Measuring Blouse

Feb 28, 2022


It is your big day or occasion and you are going in for some new blouses. You have painstakingly chosen the sari to wear and hunted to get the matching blouse material. Finally, after hours of visualization, talking to your stylist and friends, considering the occasion and your body type, you have zeroed in on the design.

Now comes the critical part of stitching the blouse. Often, it is tempting to just deliver a measurement blouse to the tailor and get things done. As a leading company offering online tailoring in Chennai, we have seen a number of cases where the use of a measurement blouse may not give ideal results. This is especially true in the case of designer blouses.

Many individuals may not feel really comfortable with any physical measurement. Our trained seamstresses ensure that all customers are absolutely comfortable and they go about the measurement with total professionalism. Thus, Fabloon is one of the best tailors in Chennai.

A main reason to avoid giving measurement blouses is because the design and the material of the new blouse may be different from the measurement blouse. Thus, it will result in a bad fit when stitched. Different fabrics have different stretching characteristics and hence, even though the sample blouse may fit you well, the same measurements may not be exactly applicable in the case of a new blouse.

The best will be to have a measurement session, discuss your style in detail and make an informed choice, based on your needs and body type. As the best company offering bridal blouse stitching in Chennai, we can confidently say that nothing beats a face-to-face interaction with your tailor.

About Fabloons

FabloonBotique (https://www.fabloonboutique.com/) is a leading company who design and sew matching mom and daughter dress and outfits. Designer blouses are our forte and we take pride in understanding and exceeding customer requirements. We also offer doorstep service for added customer ease.

If you have any project or ideas, please contact us!

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