Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Online Tailoring work

You place your order online; then book a consultation with our designer through which you can customize and design your product as per your needs; we then collect the material if you have them (This is only in Chennai) and stitch it for you, which will be delivered in 3 - 13 days.

How do you take measurements

Right after you book a consultation, our designer staff will guide you through designing your product and take your measurements through video call. You will just need measurement tape and someone who can help you out with taking the measurements. Our designer staff will help you out throughout this whole process.

Is it possible for you to come and take my measurement

We provide that service in only Chennai as of now. But in the measure of Covid we are avoiding any direct contact. You can instead book an online appointment with our designer staff who will help with taking your measurements online.

What is the fastest time you can deliver my custom made products

We can deliver your product in 2 days if you're in Chennai and it can take up to 4 days if it's otherwise. This will only be done on the request of express delivery

How do I stitch something which is not in the list of your categories

You can choose the option “other” in which you can type in the exact details of the product you want.

How long does it take for delivery

We have 2 kinds of delivery. Express Delivery within 5 days at the cost of 200 extra and Standard Delivery within 10 days at free of cost. Depending upon your requirement you can choose either.

What if my dress doesn’t fit as I expected

We will alter it for you at no cost. Our designer staff will interact with you regarding the problem and sort it out for you.

Do you take only alteration

Sorry. We don’t take alteration orders but if you have any stitching orders we take alteration that comes with it.

Do you charge extra for lining

No, we don’t charge extra for lining. It wouldn’t be wearable without lining so it’s an add-on free of cost.

Do your charge for pick up and delivery

Yes we do charge extra for the pick up and delivery as that doesn’t come under our cost.

I need you to buy my fabric. Do you charge extra cost for that

No, we don’t charge extra money. Any material bought for you will be charged exactly its cost price and nothing more.

What is the payment procedure

You will have to make 50 percent of the payment when the order is placed and the balance 50 percent when your product is ready.

How do I make the payment

You can pay through G Pay or Online Bank

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