The Quintessential Saree Companions: The Blouse and Petticoat

Aug 30, 2023

The grace and elegance of a saree are unmistakable. But what often goes unspoken is the integral role the blouse and petticoat play in bringing this traditional attire to life. Delving deep into their importance, evolution, and offering some modern-day styling tips, let's give these unsung heroes their due.

1. Importance:

The Backbone of Draping: While the saree drapes the body, the petticoat supports it. A well-fitted petticoat ensures that the saree drapes correctly, giving it a seamless finish.

Style Statement: The blouse, peeking through the pallu or the pleats, makes a strong style statement. Its design can elevate a simple saree or tone down an extravagant one.


2. Evolution:

Historical Echoes: In ancient India, there were no blouses or petticoats. Women wore sarees draped over their bare bodies. The blouse, or choli, and the petticoat, were later influences, becoming prominent around the time of the Mughal Empire.

Adapting to Western Influences: British colonialism saw the modesty movement leading to saree wearers adopting the blouse and petticoat for a more 'decent' appearance.

Modern-Day Interpretations: Today, blouses have evolved into intricate pieces of fashion. From off-shoulder blouses to crop-tops, and from the traditional cotton petticoat to the shapewear version, the transformation has been tremendous.


3. Styling Tips:

Play with Necklines: Experiment with various necklines for your blouse. A boat-neck offers a more covered yet stylish look, while a deep-V can be sensuous and daring.

Sleeve Game: Gone are the days of standard short sleeves. Opt for bell sleeves, cap sleeves, or even go sleeveless depending on your comfort and the occasion.

Petticoat Hues: Traditionally, the petticoat matches the saree's primary color. However, contrasting colors can make the saree pop and add a contemporary twist.

Material Matters: Choose a blouse material that complements your saree. A brocade blouse can elevate a plain saree, while a simple cotton blouse can balance a heavily ornate saree.

Fusion Petticoat: For those looking to add a modern touch, replace the traditional petticoat with leggings, pants, or even palazzos. It’s trendy and offers ease of movement.

Accessorize Right: Pair your saree and blouse with a statement necklace or bold earrings. However, ensure that your accessories don't overshadow the blouse's design.


In conclusion, while the saree remains the queen of Indian attire, it's the blouse and petticoat that complete the royal court. Their evolution, from mere modesty garments to integral style elements, is a testament to their enduring significance. As fashion continues its ever-evolving journey, these elements, too, will transform, ensuring the saree remains timeless in its beauty. visit Fabloon Boutique’s for customization services, enquiries or orders contact us: +91 99625 33300.

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