What Should Customers Focus on in a Fitting Session?

Dec 13, 2021


Whether you are engaging a new tailor or you are going for a fresh blouse stitching with your existing tailor, at the end of the day, the fit and look are very important. For customers to ensure and have a superb event, it is necessary to undertake enough testing and fitting sessions. This is to ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed during your big day. Below are some tips for an effective fitting session

1)     Check the accessories and inners

It is always advisable to wear the same inners that you plan for the big day to ensure that you feel comfortable and that all the straps are concealed effectively. Any modifications can then be made on the spot. Also, it is necessary to check with all your accessories to get the final look.

2)     Check the armhole

Lift your arms above your head and ensure you feel comfortable. If you cannot lift your arms easily or face discomfort, then the blouse is too tight.

3)     Check the overall fit and tightness

A well-stitched blouse should just give a comfortable hug to your body. There should be some room for the skin to breathe. The look should be such that skin does not bulge out in certain areas as you walk or sit and it should not squeeze any area!

The shoulders should also not be too loose. If you are going in for a deep neck blouse, check that the shoulders do not fall as you move about or engage in some activities like lifting.

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