Top Bridal Crop Top Lehenga Trends to Watch Out

May 16, 2022


With simplicity becoming the new normal, the trend has shifted recently from ornate heavily embroidered lehengas to something simpler and aesthetic. Fabloons, the best online tailor in Chennai has excellent experience in any type of bridal lehenga work. The below are certain trends we recently noticed.

Cut matters

A crop top lehenga ends in the mid riff. If you are having conservative family members, it is better to consult them before going in for this choice. Again, it also depends on your style, body type and how you want to carry yourself.


The fit may be a loose fit or a tight fit. If you are having your wedding in a tropical location, it is better that you go in for a loose it. It is also a matter of what you are comfortable in.


Sleeves can be in different varieties – cropped, no sleeves or full sleeves. Consult with your stylist in detail as to which will best complement your look.


A high waisted skirt will be the best compliment to your crop top lehenga. That way, you will feel comfortable during the wedding and so will all the guests and elders in the family.


The dupatta drape can be appropriately styled. It is usual to have a veil or a material that complements your body type and shape and makes you look more graceful.


Yes. Accessories are also important. Plan your accessories and have a full trial before you start discussing with your stylist on the specifics.

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