The Fascinating World of Zardosi Embroidery

Jun 29, 2022


Zardosi embroidery gets its origin from the Persian words Zar meaning gold and Dosi meaning sewing or weaving. The concept of embroidery is however not new to India, with mentions in the Rig veda as how embroidery was used for ornamentation purposes.

Initially, the design is made and the fabric is laid out on a wooden cot. Then the real work of embroidery begins. In ancient times, gold, silver and precious stones were used. However, now it is copper wire with gold or silver polish and silk thread. Thus Zardosi is basically the process of using metal thread to sew embellishments on fabrics like cotton, satin etc. The motifs are usually from nature and brides usually find zardozi a best fit for their lehangas and anarkalis.

Today, this art form has found resurgence and is used not only in dresses, but also in curtains, home décor and other areas.

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