The Advantages of Online Tailoring in India

Feb 12, 2020


With the advent of technology, there has been disruption across all sectors. This includes even traditional and labour-intensive sectors such as welding, tailoring and the like. It is interesting to see how these fields have evolved and how organisations working in these domains have adapted their workflows to take maximum advantage of the developments in technology.

Considering the recent developments and how busy all individuals have become; online tailoring has launched itself in a big way. Many boutiques offer an online tailoring service in India. But what are the advantages of the same? They are discussed below

  1. Time Saved is time gained!

Given India’s huge population, there is always a demand for skilled tailors and stylists. Hence, there is a lot of time spent waiting for them to listen and attend to an individual request. This is eliminated by online tailoring. A smart app or a good website can make this a hassle-free process.

  1. Pressure-free shopping

The customers are under no pressure, and they can manage their time easily. Further, they can even try on virtual styles and choose different combinations of materials and stitches before making an order online. There is no check out queues and this means that there is absolute convenience.

  1. Payment Ease

Since the order is placed online, payment can also be made online. This means no visit to the tailor and carrying around cash, thereby helping with eth vision of a digital India.

  1. No geographic limitations

Since online tailoring is virtual, people from any part of the globe can reach out to their favourite tailor and place an order. Celebrate a wedding in the US but order your customised wardrobe from India…no sweat!

Fabloon is an organisation of respected professionals and top-notch tailors delivering absolute value to customers. Our online tailoring portal is exclusively developed with rigorous customer focus in mind. No wonder, we are a leading online tailor in Chennai!

Our expertise encompasses all aspects of tailoring right from suits, shirts and trousers for men to chudidars, saris, lehengas, cholis and all types of women wear. With experience in this domain of over 5 years and a growing client base, we aim to be among the top player in online tailoring in India.

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