Designer Blouses and Fit: How to Achieve the Perfect balance

Mar 26, 2022


Designer blouses are a separate attraction in themselves and add elegance to a saree. The sari has been a timeless treasure on Indian women, and while there are innumerable types of draping and designs in the same, the blouse has not been left far behind.

Across time periods, the blouse has evolved in design and style. Below are some tips on achieving a perfect balance of fit and style in a designer blouse.

1)     Measurement Matters

All said, as humans, we are creatures of comfort, and the same goes on with our dress as well. It is highly irritating if your design is good, but you are unable to wear it because of poor measurements or a lack of fit.

Talk to your tailor and designer in detail about your every need and be open. After all, it is important to be comfortable in one’s own skin!

2)     Design must Blend with the Saree

The normal practice is that a plain blouse is matched with a printed saree or vice versa. But with today’s evolving fashion and different blouse types available, things have become really flexible.

Even printed blouses can match with printed sarees, provided the aesthetics are OK. Go to experiment.

3)     Lining Quality

Lining quality is important. It is also related to the first point of comfort and measurement. The lining should not be visible. But its role cannot be downplayed.

4)     Choose for Your Body Type

Choose a designer blouse that is suitable for your body type. There are many designs to add to the designer blouse, like the back, sleeves, neck etc., each of them can be customized. Hence, go in for a combination that best suits you.

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